Useful Links

Hindi Urdu Typing Solutions

Here are several links that provide solutions duly for typing in Hindi and Urdu

Recommendation and installation guide for Installing Hindi/Urdu fonts in Mac and PC is provided by the Chicago university.

Online transliteration facility of South Asian Languages is provided here inQuilpad

NHM Writer is offline transliteration solution for 10 Indian Languages including Hindi, Tamil and Sanskrit. Easy to install and easy to use software.

Online devanagri transliteration service from LexiLogos

A Door into Hindi and Urdu

This site provides interactive learning experience of Hindi and also Urdu. It’s a open source funded by International Research and Studies Program of the US Department of Education and supplemented by the North Carolina Center for South Asia Studies.

Hindi Urdu Flagship

HUF is an undergraduate program at the University of Texas at Austin designed for students who wish to achieve advanced proficiency in Hindi and Urdu. And provides useful digital resources for learners.

Columbia University Resources

Hindi/Urdu literature, History resources and author fran’s favorite resources are available here.

Chicago University Resources

Useful resources from the university of Chicago’s South Asia Language Resources.

And the university also hosts The Digital South Asia Library for the learners which would serve great digital thirst.

Songs and Poems

Divan-e- Ghalib is online Ghazal resources.

Hindi song Archive is the best online lyrics source for provided by Smirti online.


Wikipedia provides dictionary service in both Hindi and Urdu

John.D.Platts dictionary for south asian languages is renowned for its usage.

Shabdkosh is online dictionary and vocabulary builder. And useful for beginners.

Click here to download pdf format of more detailed Hindi Resources to spice up your interest