We provide facilities for our extreme guest coming from other part of universe. As it is true that “guest is god” this tradition is in us since Hinduism was born so we follow the same and we believe guest come to in the form of god. Varanasi is the place of Lord Shiva who believe to be the destroyer of universe and in other hand it is said that Lord Shiva is the first god to be pleased with their devotee in very little time of praying. He gives  shelter to those who seek shelter in his city. We are for you to provide our facilities to make you pleasant and satisfy all through to enjoy our Hindi course without any hindrance.


If you are working or making research work on on any topic such as religion, Hinduism, silk of Banaras, temples, Bull of Benaras, Akharaha (Gymnasium of Banaras) Pan (beetle), Mehdi(Henna), women issue in Varanasi and surroundings.AIDS problem ,Hizra and Ritual ceremony such as Arti performed in different temples and Ghats ,Pooja (praying)god and goddesses of Hindu religion, Islam and its follower in Varanasi. Buddhism and related with .We will provide you our well qualified research assistant who have already worked with these topics and having sound knowledge of each subject.

We will make you available the data and past record of a particular subject and make list of person who are associated with this subject. If you need to work outside Varanasi we also provide you an assistant in your research work. any researcher who has a query in India, Nepal and Bhutan we have social networking also we would love to provide you information for your research work.


Accommodation is the part and parcel of traveling and it gives comfort for the traveller when they are outside.We provide all kind of accommodation  our students, travelers, researcher, author, visitors in Varanasi .from five star to bug ted guest house are associated with us. Mostly for the budget class students we recommend budget guest house or home stay in Indian family where student will get a well furnished flat or room with attached bath. Those learner who come for longer periods we recommend them to stay in home stay family where they get home made cook food and practice Hindi in family.we will provide you accommodation nearest to our place so that we may not have any inconvenient for taking lesson. If you need any special accommodation such as river view.Ganges view or located in colony we would love to provide you.

We have certain family recommendation where students have allredy stayed in past or given the good feedback .we will provide only such family for your stay.

Organizing Lecture

We have been providing lecture facilities to our students for a long time and bringing the realistic through the lecture of great and renowned professors of Banaras Hindu University. Lecture takes place at our study center mostly for the group students. If you wish to meet with great authors of Varanasi we will arrange you interaction session with great scholars and writers. You can have lecture according to your need but there
should be at least a few participants.

Individual and Group Lessons

Whatever level you are at and whatever your motivation for learning Hindi, a program can be tailored to meet your needs.  Speaking, listening, reading and writing can all be improved in a short time.

Online Hindi Classes

Through SkypeMy status, on-line classes can be arranged for new or former students wishing to continue learning Hindi, even though they may not be able to stay in Varanasi or even India. We will review teaching materials and work together to improve the student’s Hindi. Anyone planning to visit India can take lessons before arriving in order to be well-prepared for travel or study.

Payment is accepted via Paypal (binitbhu@gmail.com) and Western Union.

Indian classical Music and Yoga

Varanasi is the place of Indian classic music and still there are many gharana in India. Among these Varanasi music gharana has it’s own fame. It is spreading worldwide and people from all parts of the world come to Varanasi to have the charm of music. If any traveler visits Varanasi and doesn’t have chance to be part of this music his visit of Varanasi is not worth while. We arrange classical music for our group students usually on the final day in Varanasi.
Yoga is also having special importance in Varanasi since the vedic period. As many great saint born in this city and given yoga as present to this generation .If any one wish to learn real Yoga and follow the rhythm of yoga then Varanasi is the best place for learning discovering the new path of life and realizing how calm you get through yoga.

Sight Seeing and Boat ride

We take our students for sight seeing in Varanasi and explain the various things, by that students come to know the real history and myth of particular spot which gives the benefit for the students. If they are working .we take our students in well-decorated boat early morning for the sunrise (Subahe Banaras) as it is world famous . we ride along the river Ganges from Assi ghat up to Manikarnika ghats meanwhile our students come across with different ghats and palace where they will be explained importance of each and every ghats and palace. Besides these you will get opportunity to see the cremation of body after death in Hinduism at Harish Chandra ghats and Manikarnika ghats. you will be explained  the way of cremating a body .Usually if our students want to talk with Dom (a cast for cremating body at ghats or untouchable cast). Sight seeing of the city include Bharat Kala Bhavan that is museum in Banaras Hindu University,Viswanath temple ,Monkey temple,Durga kund or Durga temple,Bharat mat Temple,Sampurnanand Sanskrit University. You will also visit Sarnath which is world heritage site and famous for Buddhism where Lord Buddha has given first sermon to his followers.

Volunteering work in India and Varanasi

Volunteering in India is a kind of doing social work in in Varanasi and India.we assist you in your volunteering work.we have a list of social working organization and school where you can work for the some people and make them realize that there is some one for those people who have left their thought for no existence.We recommend you NGO, social organization, women organization which are government registered and working for the welfare of the society and have particular theme of working. The means of your volunteering could be teaching your own language in school, giving meal to poor in the organization, helping financially for the needy, working for rehabilitation ,giving them education ,making awareness among the people, uplifting women about their rights and issue ,connecting them with different organization

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