Dragons Students In varanasi

Now the Dragons students are in Varanasi.in this semester there are twelve students and two instructors.My classes started on 16Th February.Jackie and Debi instructing the students with help of Bantuji.we have divided the students in two groups .each groups is of six students and in each group have one instructor.they started learning Hindi by using hand leaf paper .this is my new experience using hand leaf paper for teaching Hindi through computer print out.with the help of printout the students are very comfortable in reviewing and in drills.some of Hindi students are really doing very hard work for learning Hindi.this year one of the student doing his independent study project in Hindi.therefore he is learning every day one or two hour extra for his I.S.P.

Hindi student

Babeet is volunteering in mother Tresa ashram in varanasi.she is staying in Singh guest house .as she is motivated to learn Hindi .one of my friend from Singh guest house call me and told about her .i met her .she tried to bargain with me about price as she has doubt on me about teaching hindi .i seems very young for her .We had one lesson in lawn of the guest house as i can speak french so it was very helpful for her learning Hindi.she continued for one week and as she has to go to receive her friend who is coming from France first time in India.after returning from Delhi she will continue her lesson

Hindi Class

Stephanie Abbot is staying in Bal Ashram in samne gaht and volunteering in little star school in nagwa ,Varanasi.she came to varanasi in the month of January and since that time she is working for the school children there.she admits that being the native speaker of English it was a great challenge for her to communicate with children.then she got motivation to learn Hindi.she contacted me through the Bantu Bhaya who is the programme coordinator for the where there be Dragons.as I teach there.I began to teach her Hindi.she learnt quite a lot of stuff and she began to handle the students nicely.

Sarswati Pooja

Saraswati is the goddess of learning education,art and sculpture.This festival is celebrated every year in the month of Mag panchami according to Hindu calendar(January or February).this festival is celebrated by every students ,person and all kind of professional .as every body is still learning in their field.mostly it is festival of students and teachers.earlier this festival was celebrated on few places but these days it has been celebrating in mass.like the every year this year also students did the pooja of saraswati.first day they establish deity and they did pooja in afternoon according to the right time of celebrations.during night people sang and danced and different kind of activities was held in different places.followed day they do the hawan(it is kind of ending part of the pooja) sometime they do next day and took the deity to the river with pump and show

N.R.I.hindi vidyarthi

My guruji Virendra ji introduced me to Rishi sidhu who is non residents of India and at present he is living in Boston in America .Since he is studying international development particular for India.He came to Varanasi on 14Th of January for learning Hindi all though he has already studied Hindi by himself and in Mussoorie .He is taking every day one hour lesson .in his learning he translates lyrics of Bollywood movie song and make conversation on issues in India,culture,poverty and education.

New hindi student

Patricia Om shanti came to Varanasi from Bunes Airs, the capital city of Argentina. She is the follower of Swami Ramanand who is a great saint of Kerala. As she came to Varanasi for pilgrimage, she is very keen to recite Bhajan and chanting Mantras. Therefore she was learning some Bhajan at Dashashwamedh ghat (main ghat) with a artist who used to sing for the daily evening Aarti in an organization of Babu Maharaj, President of Gangotri Seva Samiti. Babu Maharaj introduced me with her as she has motivation to learn Hindi. She has very less time just two and a half week so she opted for intensive crash course. She used to learn two hours everyday. As her mother tongue was Spanish but she did well in Hindi and could speak basic Hindi.

Makarsankranti Celebrations

Makar sankranti is the festival of northern part of India .this festival came into existance from punjab when a farmer bring their new grains to house from the field and offer to gods and godesses .on this ocassion special kind of dishes is made .This year many people came to varanasi to have bath in ganges .according to priest the best time was for taking bath after 12clock afternoon.a large numbers of villegers srounding from varanasi and neighbouring state came for bath. I went to fly kite with my students named William from England as he is here first time in varanasi during sankranti.we both flew kite for while and came back for the lesson.Particulary children enjoy this festival very much some kids fly baloon and visit their relatives.

Hindi Classes in varanasi

Pooja Olstho from Neatherland is doing volunteering in varanasi in some NGO organisation. one day i went to my guruji house (virendra ji) . he told me about her and gave me her number as she is staying in near main ghat I called her and introduced my self as I work with virendra ji as assistant teacher .she started taking hindi lesson from november 26th . as she is teaching in slums in Beniyabag for Asmita an organisation for education for children and empowerment for the women.I go to teach her at her place in main ghat for every alternate day

Fifteen Hindi Lesson

hI had just fifteen Hindi lesson with dragons student and they learn quickly all the conjugation of the verbs. they learn imperative,oblique pronoun conjugation of the transitive and intransitive verb which seems difficult in leaning Hindi.in the begning students were very nervous about the learning hindi but as I started taking lesson they began to communicate in hindi  asking about the first experience about the city means ”apko banars kaisa laga”.every student began to progress and the same time they learnt how to read and write the script of Hindi which is very helpful for reading them sign and the marks on the wall while traveling .Before departure of Group to Bodhgaya I had taken hindi written test for those student who are for the credit they and score good marks .