Watson Fellow

Brian Dolphin is a pitzer college student and watson fellow from united state of America.He is travelling many countries and study about the nature of music.He came to India from Nepal and started learning Hindi with me as he could speak a mix language of Nepali with Bhojpuri.

I asked him how many hours in a day you want your lesson he said that he wants three to fours hour a day.we started with two hrs a day .one hour he was meeting with me and for another hour he was meeting my wife as he was very much interested in folk music and devotional bhajan.they used to sing and they were translating the bhajan.he never studied with book as he said that he had never learnt with reading the book and other learning materials.

When ever I was giving the language construction and expression and I was saying him to write  down he used to say in sweet Hindi language “”LIKHNA NAHI PARTA HAI””that means I do not need to write .he used keep in his mind.He promised me if forget then give me the punishment.

Here I would like to say every student and researchers if you have opportunity to interact with locals and other street worker who are not related with tourism activities ,It is really going to work.Brian always in touch with such kind of people.many times I had seen him talking with such people like eggs sellers,Rickshaw repairing man.and other people abstain talking with these people.

Brian adapted indian culture in very lees of time and he practiced Indian way of living like eating habit,greeting in varanasi way saying “mahadev”,chewing world famous beetle of Varanasi.He hardly used to go to eat American food as he became habitual eating indian food.

One day he asked why i have three rings in finger and it was just astrologer advice .I have faith in these kinds of things so he also insisted me to take at astrologer.we went there and greeted him in indian way by touching his feet.by that astrologer got socked as it is not common when a western greets touching the feet of elder.Astrologer told him about his past ,present and future in Hindi mostly he could understand what astrologer and where ever he could not then I was translating for him.

Hindi class

Anna is from Germany and she came in contact with me through my blog, as she was very much interested in Indian bollywood movies and  She said that she could understand the recent ones better than the old ones.as new bollywood movie are having conversation in English.

She was interested for intensive course as she had a very less time in Varanasi she was just here for three weeks.she was doing four hours of intensive Hindi class.since she is old so i told that i can come to your hotel for having the class.She decided to meet for two hrs with me and another two hours with my wife so that she gets the opportunity too talk with Indian women at my place and she was trying to have conversation with my neighbor.

One day she told me that she wanted to have her class on boat therefore I called my boatman we had boat ride on river Ganges with my wife ,son and my sister.it was festive mood at the assi ghat as one of the celebration of den kashi mahotsav and she wanted to see the one of most famous singer of bhojpuri language Manoj Tiwary ,hotels staff has told her about him.we went to gathering it was over crowded and we were there untill he came.I translated for her as the song was in bhojpuri .

At the weekend we all together went to see the movie kurban as it was the part of Hindi course she tried to give the summary of movie .what was movie all about and what was the story.

In the three weeks she improved a lot and I really appreciate her learning skill.in the beginning did a crash course and later on we were just reviewing .it was great experience with her.

Intensive Hindi Class

Hi Everyone It is my first opportunity that I am teaching a Hungarian student.his name is Adom wesp from the capitol city of Budapest.The day when he called me I was so busy therefore I could not meet him and we decided to meet next following day.as he is new comer in varanasi so he could not come directly at my place .

Our first meeting was in vatika cafe near assi ghat and we decided to have class .as his stay was not for longer period in Varanasi.so he asked me if i have time three to four hrs in a day Monday through Saturday. he is doing pretty well and he is very much interested in leaning writing and reading the Hindi.

I recommended teach your self Hindi book of Rupert Snell for reading and writing.now he can read Hindi well but he is slow in writing.he is just here for two and half week.tomorrow he is going to khajuraho.

Aussie Hindi Student

Stephanie Roach is from Australia she came in to contact with me through my blog and she wrote me mail as she was interested in learning Hindi .when she came to Varanasi with one of her friend or fellow traveller.he had been in Varanasi for long time and he works for tour operating company called Intrepid.as Stephanie has more faith on her friend so he wanted to enquire about other teacher in varanasi .

fortunately he used to learn yoga with teacher in Varanasi his name is kameshwar pathak near main ghats. we know each other for long time .pathak ji also recommended for me only she became very happy.as i provide for the accommodation facilities for my student.Stephanie was interested in family home stay accommodation so she asked to me.

I took her one of my friend’s house near  crossing Assi and she liked place and started learning Hindi.she is enjoying a lot with family and made village trip with family.she will be here until January and she is interested in doing some volunteering work with NGO particularly for orphanage and education.I make her connection with little star school where she is happy to work for the kid’s education and welfare.

Fall semester Group in Varanasi

Dragons fall semester groups are in varansi.they arrived in varansi on 27th of october and started learning hindi from the next day of arrival.usually when students used to arrive in varansi they had some free time for getting in to the city or for fitting in the city but this time student were so excited for learning hindi that they started earlier.as usual this year also they are twelve students with two instructors.

one of the instructor is the same of last year her name is Debi but we have one new instructor whose name is Dan and i do not know their full names.I have already divide in to two groups of students as in smaller group they can lear more faster than in large group.two students are doing the credit so i have queses em every week.so far ia have taken two queses .

Students are doing very well and up to now they have learned many random phrase ,seven ko construction present habitual tense.present continuous tense .simple past .imperative ,used to construction, past continuous tense and want to constructions.

They also started reading Hindi script and some of them are writing in Devanagari script.however it is little difficult  for writing.

Online Hindi course

For two weeks I am teaching Gabrila  online through skype .she is my old student from the vision of India semester programme of where there be dragons.she lives in New york city in U.S.A.she wanted to continue her Hindi as she is studying international development.how ever it not my first experience.I have already taught some of my old students from vancouver Canada and states.First day I had great experience with skype as there was not any problem but one the second day there was a little problem with Internet.

Now she is taking four hrs in a week.every Friday and Saturday we meet on 7.30 pm according to India time.I have already sent some teaching stuff on her email address and which she has got the print out and we work both together.how ever i have recommend her teach yourself by rupp snellbut once she will have confidence in speaking Hindi

Hindi course in mountain

Princeton university has started Princeton Bridge year programme with where there be Dragons.This group consist of four students and two instructor and me.Instructor are Christina Rivera and Janvie (Janhwi).First of all we went to Kausani from Delhi.we took overnight train from old Delhi railway station.we stayed there for one week and later on we moved to kanda valley in village called sunar gaon.

we all were staying in family home stay accommodation in same house called ROSE.It is an organisation for rural organisation for social elevation.we were doing yoga in the morning under the guidance of janvie for one hour and then we had breakfast.after breakfast students and instructors used to go to site work.they had a project for building the house for a villagers who was very not capable enough to make his house own.so they contributed some money and helped volunteering.

Every evening from 6 pm to 8 pm I had my Hindi class with students.first week they had already learnt some basic in kausani .they were very hardworking and excited for learning Hindi.it was very impressive for me .for while one student was sick so we thought to change the class place as he was sick and he will be disturb but he personally requested to instructor for helding the class at the same place.students were very qurious to learn new stuff and they were memorising all the stuff which has been taught.

In the family there was one young lady and she was very active in doing the house hold things.she used make our breakfast,lunch ,evening tea and dinner.students were very interested in interviewing her about her life .custom ,culture,tradition  and festival.so one day we interviewed her and I was translating for them.

It is the tradition of mounatain that when ever they build new roof they sacrifice the goat.as Mr verna has already sacrifice the goat for his own roof.and they offer to worker as these people can not afford. when they were building the roof for the sadhu it is the name of the man for whom they were building the roof.since he can afford the goat sacrifice my student came to know and they wanted my helping getting goat.I asked with one of guy from the same family and he managed to get goat.two of students paid money for the goat.we went to work and villagers scarified the goat.this man was very happy as he couldnot offer gaoat to villagers.

We left for Delhi on 22nd of September by a car .Being living in plane area I am not used with hilly area so I was feeling sick travel.we came to kathgodam train station and took train for Delhi.upon arrival Delhi we stayed in a hotel called Garden view in Karolbagh area.after having breakfast christina ji told us to meet with one of mentors from salam balak in Delhi in pahar ganj.This guy shown us the street kids how they are studying and he told us about the his own experience of life as he was also a street kid in child hood.

Later on we went to cannaught palce and did some shopping.Instructor bought a kurta for me from fabindia a very well known shop among westerners.and we had lunch in south indian restaurant.and we took metro and came back to hotel.

Next morning we went to see Gandhi Museum near India gate and then we returned to hotel and we had lunch in raffels restaurant.in the evening we had overnight train for varanasi from new Delhi railway station.during our travel students watched bollywood movie.we arrived on 25th morning and one of our instructor acme to received us on tarin station.students were wram welcomed in varansi and move to programme house. we had lunch together as it was their first lunch in varanasi.It was awesome experience for me with this programme.

Hindi language Programme

This year I am teaching hindi in mountain with princeton students with where there be dragons in Kausani hill town of utrakhand.it is my first experince of teaching hindi in mountain.we have two hours hindi class everyday.This group consist of four students and two instructors and me. everything is well managed and it is running smoothly. we do yoga in the morning from 8 to 9 and then we have our breakfast and lesson.since two days it was raining here so could not go out side but today the weather is pretty good today.tmorrow we are going to village where students and we all live in same home stay and students will do some service in local N.G.O. I hope it would be my  best experince of teaching hindi ever.

Hindi lesson

Bronwyn Grace Macbride is volunteering in little star school .she is teaching  English to students and also how to do the circus as she is a professional in circus. Asha didi (elder sister) who is the founder of the school intruded me with her.she is from Vancouver Canada.she has keen interest to learn Hindi all though she knows Little Hindi.In the beginning she takes one hour every day but now she is taking two hours everyday.she emphasises mostly on conversation and practice with real native accent of Hindi speaker.she is very dedicated as she is planning to go to mumbai to work as extras .It is very enjoying for me and we are talking about the life ,culture and different issue of India

Modesty for women

Sara is the students of university of Wisconsin programme in India semester in Varanasi.she is working on modesty for the women in India how it is important for women to be modest.Virendra ji my guruji and sanghmitra ji introduced for her transcription work.I transcript every day almost two hour .i am translating and she is typing on her laptop.she has interviewed six to seven women of varanasi about the modesty in women.all these women has given their idea and views ,thought.it is very interesting work for me as hear many of interview about the social life of women in India and marriage issue .family ,modernity and about the life style of modern women .clothing of the women .jobs and work