Indo -swiss kids learning Hindi over skype

Hi friends, it has been really long time since I am on my blog.there are so many reasons because of my busy schedule and also I was helping in house building things with my family too.

The most important things that I am sharing here is that I have been instructing hindi for two brothers whose age are 13 years Anirudh and Abhinav 7 years.their father found me online and wanted me to instruct hindi fore his two kids.This was my first time i have have ever taught this age group kids but I said ok and we agreed on mutual timing for both of them.

Basically this family is from  India, Tamil Nadu a southern state of India so they could speak tamil, English, Germon too.classes went very well and they had break for three weeks so Balakrishnan ( Father of the kids ) wrote me an email if I can do half an hour every day.

We started meeting everyday and continued for three weeks and later on we started doing on week end every Saturday and Sunday.

Even this year we are on continuation and they are doing very it was my first time teaching any one less than 18 years old.