My visit to Sarnath

Two weeks ago I went to visit Sarnath with one of my friend to see jeevan dip school.It is a social organization working for blind girls for their uplift in the society.

I did not know about this school however I have been several times to sarnath. but one of my elder brother and friend Dr.Alok took me there. I was very much excited to see the girls how they study!

Actually when I was under my high school i studied about the script of Blind they learn but I really did not understand how did  it used to work? when one of employee  took on the tour of the school.we visited from class nursery to 6th.Girls stood up to welcome us and they recited some poems and reading of the lesson and what ever they have been taught on that particular day.

I was so surprised to see them how nicely they can study and learn the things through this script.

After that he took us to computer room where students learn how to operate computer without seeing .Computer Instructor sowed us using computer through voice.It’s make sound what ever command they press.

I am so happy to visit this school who soever go to visit Sarnath must try to get chance to visit this project.

Hindi Lesson

Darrin Commerford is a photographer from U.S.A currently taking picture around varanasi and also he likes to visit untapped place surrounding Varanasi.

He has started learning Hindi two or three weeks ago .he works basically on dally conversation and phrase .and also he likes to try to have the test of Indian chart (a very spicy with different kind of ingredients) he wanted to learn how to say i want one more sweet one as he likes to eat pani puri.

These days he is travelling to Rajasthan so in the last class he wrote couple of phrase which he can use during his travel in Rajasthan.such as how to say is this vegetable clean before it was made. and so on

He will be back after one week then he will continue his learning.

Centro Risorse India

Centro Risorse India is an organization working with collaboration with ca foscari university Venice,Italy.this organization facilitate by providing Hindi learning opportunity for Italians in varanasi.

This time I am teaching few students from this organization.some of the students are taking 18 hrs a week and some are five to six hrs.

Alberto a Hindi student started with me and he was really very hard working and dedicated for learning Hindi also he was having patience of learning Hindi.

I finished two book with him teach your self by snell and one of mine book which was advance level of Hindi.we also did exercise with practice book.

with the help of this book he came across with different kinds of proverb and saying in Hindi such as “”ANDHA KYA CHAHE ,DO ANKHE”” It means what a blind is needed two eyes.

This way he improved his Hindi speaking and different expressions.