Hindi Student

Jake Zenn is student of Law from Washington D.c. united state of America.He wrote me mail in the month of September .we had very less conversation I think just once or twice as he was interested to join my Hindi course.we agreed for the class and all.

Between this period of time there was no any communication between us and I thought he is no interested any more.but in the month of December he wrote me  if I am available for tutoring him in Varanasi.I said yes I am available.

Upon arriving in varanasi he called me and I went to his guest house in shivala where he was staying.I took him to my place and we fixed up the timings of the lesson.and from following next day we started class.He could make the conversation in Hindi all what he wanted to improve his fluency and to increase vocabulary.mostly we had conversation class and using the new construction and new vocab.He was doing quiet well and he used talk in restaurant.

Every day after his class he used to play with my son and both they became friend and he gave a “dridle” to play him.I did not know what is a dridle and he explained me that it is a jewish play or something.