Centro Risorse India

Centro Risorse India is an organization working with collaboration with ca foscari university Venice,Italy.this organization facilitate by providing Hindi learning opportunity for Italians in varanasi.

This time I am teaching few students from this organization.some of the students are taking 18 hrs a week and some are five to six hrs.

Alberto a Hindi student started with me and he was really very hard working and dedicated for learning Hindi also he was having patience of learning Hindi.

I finished two book with him teach your self by snell and one of mine book which was advance level of Hindi.we also did exercise with practice book.

with the help of this book he came across with different kinds of proverb and saying in Hindi such as “”ANDHA KYA CHAHE ,DO ANKHE”” It means what a blind is needed two eyes.

This way he improved his Hindi speaking and different expressions.