Dariya is a french student working in varanasi as her Dissertation on women in jail.she came in contact with me through the internet.She was also learning kathak with a teacher from Banaras Hindu University.

She started with one hour of lesson everyday but later on she began to do two hour everyday from Monday through Friday.we were doing very intensively from my own mae teaching stuff and we were reviewing through Teach Yourself by Rupert Snell.

Once she was able to read Hindi books I used to give her child

Hindi student

Babeet is volunteering in mother Tresa ashram in varanasi.she is staying in Singh guest house .as she is motivated to learn Hindi .one of my friend from Singh guest house call me and told about her .i met her .she tried to bargain with me about price as she has doubt on me about teaching hindi .i seems very young for her .We had one lesson in lawn of the guest house as i can speak french so it was very helpful for her learning Hindi.she continued for one week and as she has to go to receive her friend who is coming from France first time in India.after returning from Delhi she will continue her lesson