Intermediate Level

Course Description

This is our second level of Hindi courses in Varanasi and Madurai. The intermediate level is meant for those learners who posses some basic knowledge of Hindi, or who have completed our first level of Hindi crash course or the equivalent.

This course is centered on the Devanagari script and grammar with a focus on different language constructions. We emphasize different forms of verbs, including different conjugations and the use of nouns, oblique pronouns and simple post positions with different verbs. After completing this course a student will enhance their writing speed, their speed in reading the Devanagari script, and their speaking ability.

The intermediate level works well either one-on-one or in a group. Either way, it will help the learner become more confident in speaking, writing and reading, as the course includes all of these components. We also draw on exercise work, practice conversation and role play.

For this course, we recommend using a text book and various other resources. Please see below for more.

Course Content

Part one: script

  • Hindi alphabet
  • Vowels
  • Consonants
  • Vowel symbols
  • Combination of vowels with consonants
  • Reading Devanagari script (as per the duration)
  • Writing Devanagari Script (as per the duration)
  • Conjunct characters
  • Bottom r and flying r
  • Chandrabindu ँ (used for making nasal sounds)
  • Bindu ं (used for making nasal sounds)

Part two: grammar

  • Pronouns
  • Oblique pronouns
  • Simple post position
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Imperative tense
  • Possessive tense
  • Present habitual tense
  • Past habitual tense
  • Present progressive or current action tense
  • Past progressive or past continuous tense
  • Future tense

Teaching materials

We use our grammar notes for the instructions and apply our tips and teaching tricks to help students understand the principals of the Hindi language. We recommend Teach Your self Hindi by Rupert Snell as a text and we also provide texts for readings. And proudly we are also working to bring forth a book on our own based on the teaching methods of our Founder Binit Kumar Mishra.

We have also syllabi for this course to follow day to day activities and instruction

Please discuss with us the best options for recommended Hindi text books. We offer a collection of text books and flash cards to draw upon.

Duration : 60 hours of instruction

Note : we have three outing in this course where students participate in out door activities and talk to native speakers.

Contact us to register this course or for more information.

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