Advanced Level

Course summary

In advanced level , students get the opportunity to practice the Hindi that they learned in previous levels. This course enhances the student’s knowledge of Hindi in expanded forms. The student’s Hindi skills grow as they increase their fluency and develop the ability to narrate stories, write dictation, and use various advanced grammatical constructions.

Focus of the course

This course covers a wide range of different perfective tenses, including with special instructions on transitive and intransitive verbs; conjunct verbs; “to be” verbs with होना; models verbs such as सकना, पाना, and चुकना;  different को constructions with special attention on मिलना ,लगना, and  चाहिए;  verb stem +कर  constructions; relative and co-relative constructions; and much more.

Teaching materials

For this course we use our own grammar instructions and in-house handouts. We also draw on select stories for readings and provide texts to work on after studying particular grammatical constructions. And proudly we are also working to bring forth a book on our own based on the teaching methods of our Founder Binit Kumar Mishra.

We also recommend these books for students’ reference:

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