Group Instruction

How it works

Group instruction is perfect for college students, colleagues, tour groups and other groups travelers. Group members are able to work together and learn from one another, benefiting from a positive classroom environment and team work.

Group lessons are a great way to start a trip, enabling students to be more independent and develop a keener understanding of their environment–as well as navigate daily situations such as purchasing food and meeting new friends. They can also be a helpful complement to activities throughout the duration of a program.

We currently provide group instruction primarily for university language study programs and students traveling in the same program. We work with a Princeton University bridge year program, Centro Risorse India (a representative body of the University of Venice), Stockholm University, NCI (Nordic Centre in India), Alliance for Global Education,and Where There Be Dragonsa gap year study program.

Want to hear from past students? See reviews and notes from group classes and other students to see how group instruction increases confidence, builds team spirit and creates a positive memory.

What we offer

Any university or study abroad program that is seeking to begin or build their Hindi language study program or study abroad semester program is encouraged to be in touch. Please contact us for details about rates, scheduling and customizing classes for your program or group. We can discuss options for building cultural relations, increasing language competency and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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