Online Instruction

How it works

While nothing can improve on face-to-face instruction, this is not always possible. Because of this, I offer online instruction for those students who wish to learn Hindi but are not able to make the trip to Varanasi.

Online instruction is a first-rate way to build confidence and skills before traveling to India–as well as a way to maintain skills after a trip. From students learning Hindi for a class, to academics planning a research trip, to Bollywood fans looking to translate a song, online classes are a great way for anyone to take their Hindi learning to the next step. Sessions can be arranged for both new and former students.

What I offer

Online classes are arranged through SkypeMy status. As in private and group lessons, we will review teaching materials and work together to make a plan for improving the student’s Hindi. A lesson usually lasts one hour, although we can make adjustments depending on your needs. Both new and former students are welcome.

Payment for online lessons is accepted via Paypal ( - click to pay) and Western Union.

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