1   Location?

We are located at the  Assi Ghat next to the hotel Palace on Ganges.

2  What is best time to come to Varanasi to study Hindi?

There is no as such season for tourists in Varanasi however in winter the number of students is greater. You can learn throughout the year.

3  Do you provide visa assistance?

No we don’t provide visa assistance however you can go through the following links.


4  Do I need to have basic knowledge of Hindi before starting Hindi Class?

It is not necessary to have the background of Hindi knowledge.and if you have some  knowledge then after one or two classes we will come to know  about your level of  Hindi.

5  Where is Hindi spoken in India?

Hindi is the national language of India and Hindi speaking states are Delhi,Utterpradesh,Uttarakhand,Hariyana,Madhayapradesh,Chhatisgarh,Bihar and Jharkhand

6 How many days in a week can I learn?

We are very much flexible and teach all the days of the week. It depends on the students if they want to have class during the weekend .However we do have more free time during the weekends.

7   What is the average temperature of Varanasi?

                                                   Climate data for Varanasi














Average high °C (°F)













Average low °C (°F)













Abut Hindi classes

1 How many students can learn in a class?

We take just five to seven students in our group class to get better outcome of the course,however if a group want join the course then, we are  open and  flexible.

2 Can I have my lesson at my place ?

Yea students can have lessons at their places.If your location is out of Assi area then in addition to the lesson cost travel to and from will be charged extra.

3 What is your teaching Methodology?

We have our own unique teaching style. We generally endorse a communicative approach for effective instructions.we emphasize formal grammar instructions and practice on the same grammar structure and make drills to frame a sentence.

The most important things about the language acquisition when learners use the language to solve tasks and get things done. Here are our steps how we teach:

  • we use materials which are appropriate and challenging to students
  • create such an atmosphere where students get motivation and learn comfortably.
  • we encourage our students to provide one another getting over hesitation
  • Mistakes are valuable learning opportunities where students get an opportunity to repeat the same things. so we give more opportunity to those who make mistakes.
  • We design activities for conversation which are based on different styles and strength.
  • we teach grammar through a wide variety of activities in addition to providing deep instruction of grammar.
  • we give personal attention to students according to their need and requirements.
  • we provide out of class room activities that encourage students to use their language skills in the real world.
  • we evaluate students’ performance in class and at the end of the course and also feedback oriented formal evaluations that is gained by students during the course .
  • For those university students that have to do outside some certain our of classes we do teach according to their syllabus and give certificate that they did this much session.
  • we give different situations to the students to make conversation which enables our students to use in daily life.
  • we have created exercises for the students and by solving them students get confidence.

4 For Hindi Instruction what study material do you use or recommend?

For recommended Hindi study material please see Hindi Course details.

5 When can I cancel a scheduled lesson?

Yea.for what ever reason if you are unable to attend scheduled lesson please inform us via email or phone before 24 hours of scheduled lesson. Your lesson can be re-scheduled mutually agreed- upon time. Classes canceled within 24 hours will be charged fully as taught lesson.

6 How does online instruction work?

Using a software program called Skype, which allows for free international online video phone calls, and which allows the student to see his or her instructor’s screen, we are able to teach Basic Hindi to students anywhere in the world. Payments are made through the Paypal link on this website and personal rates are discussed by e-mailing us. Online sessions are scheduled with us at mutually agreed-upon time to meet online.

7  What are the rates?

Our all classes rates are negotiated and please send us email at info@hinditeachervaranasi.com or call at +91 9452247010

8  Payment Systems

 a  How can I pay?

Once you fix your schedule with us you can pay in cash for any classes which you have booked. for online classes you can pay via paypal at binitbhu@gmail.com

b When can I pay?

You can pay for each session of individual or group instruction either before the start time of that session or right after at the end. You are free to pay for multiple sessions at once (i.e. such as paying for a whole week or on a monthly-basis), or to pay on a session-by-session basis. whatever is convenient for you.

We suggest you to pay in advance it gives you the assurance for booking of your course.