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Varanasi – 221005

Uttar Pradesh, India

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Skype: binit.kumar.mishra

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  1. Dear Mr. Mishra, I am from the United States and have been learning Hindi informally for several years. I know quite a lot, but I’m nowhere near where I want to be. I am in India now, but I will be leaving in about three weeks. However, I am seriously considering returning for a year or so of study, during which I would focus solely on Hindi . I am in Rajasthan now, but have made some friends who are residents of Varanasi. I may come to Benaras around December, 2012 to learn Hindi. I’m looking for an immersion environment in which I’d spend a few hours a day in a Hindi class, and then the rest of the time speaking to Hindi speakers.

  2. Namaste

    My partner and I would like to learn hindi. I am not sure at which level (between first and second level, as we have already done some hindi lessons in Australia, so we do have some vocabulary and some grammar. This would be for a month sometime in November.
    Could you let me know how much you charge.
    Are you located at Assi Ghat?

    Thanks for your reply.


  3. Interested in learning some basic Hindi and maybe more. Am presently in Varanasi. I am having trouble getting access to my email, but if you use my email address with relation to Skype you should be able to send a message. If that doesn’t work, call 0091-542-2410141 and ask for Chris [Krishna]. Will try and call you soon.

  4. Hello. I’m interesting in Hindi lssons through the skype. What is the procedure for it? How much it’s cost? I need an advanced lessons. Please write me soon as possible.


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